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Books Received December 2018.

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This list contains all books and notifications of new books received in the previous month by BMCR. Potential reviewers should not respond to this email, but should use the request form linked here (Books Available for Review). Some books listed in this email may already have been assigned to reviewers.)

Albanese Procelli, Rosa Maria. Recipienti bronzei a labbro perlato: produzione, circolazione e destinazione. Biblioteca di Studi etruschi, 60. Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, 2018. xi, 245 p., 62 p. of pl. $56.05 (pb). ISBN 9788876893087.

Alföldy, Géza, Angelos Chaniotis and Christian Witschel (ed.). Die epigraphische Kultur der Römer: Studien zu ihrer Bedeutung, Entwicklung und Erforschung. Alte Geschichte, 50. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2018. 588 p., [88 p. of plates]. €89,00. ISBN 9783515122368.

Allen, Danielle S., Paul Christesen and Paul Millett (ed.). How to do things with history: new approaches to ancient Greece. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xiii, 406 p. $85.00. ISBN 9780190649890.

Arjava, A., J. Frösén and J. Kaimio (ed.). The Petra papyri V. Amman: ACOR, 2018. xxiii, 338 p., clx p. of plates. $135.00. ISBN 9789957854379.

Arruzza, Cinzia. A wolf in the city: tyranny and the tyrant in Plato's Republic. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2019. xi, 296 p. $74.00. ISBN 9780190678852.

Bauer, Thomas Johann and Peter von Möllendorff (ed.). Die Briefe des Ignatios von Antiochia: Motive, Strategien, Kontexte. Millennium-Studien zu Kultur und Geschichte des ersten Jahrtausends n. Chr. 72. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. 288 p. €89,95. ISBN 9783110604467.

Bénatouïl, Thomas and Katerina Ierodiakonu (ed.). Dialectic after Plato and Aristotle. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2019. xi, 391 p. $105.00. ISBN 9781108471909.

Beyer, Andreas (ed.). Die Präsenz der Antike in der Architektur. Colloquia Raurica, 12. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. 203 p. €109,95. ISBN 9783110371253.

Bloxham, John. Ancient Greece and American conservatism: classical influence on the modern right. London; New York: I.B. Tauris, 2018. x, 284 p. £72.00. ISBN 9781788311540.

Boardman, John. Alexander the Great: from his death to the present day. Lawrenceville: Princeton University Press, 2019. 152 p. $29.95. ISBN 9780691181752.

Bosnakis, Dimitris and Klaus Hallof (ed.). Inscriptiones Graecae. Volumen XII, Inscriptiones insularum maris Aegaei praeter Delum / Fasciculus IV, Inscriptiones Coi, Calymnae, insularum Milesiarum / curavit Klaus Hallof. Pars IV, Inscriptiones Coi insulae : tituli sepulcrales demorum. Tituli varii incerti alieni. Inscriptiones insularum milesiarum / ediderunt Dimitris Bosnakis et Klaus Hallof. Inscriptiones Graecae, 12,4,4. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. vi, 1043-1292 p., iii-x p. of plates. €299,00. ISBN 9783110601688.

Bravo, Jorge J. and Michael G. MacKinnon. Excavations at Nemea. IV: the shrine of Opheltes. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2018. 608 p. $250.00. ISBN 9780520294929.

Brélaz, Cédric. Philippes, colonie romaine d'Orient: recherches d'histoire institutionnelle et sociale. BCH. Supplément, 59. Athens: École Française d'Athènes, 2018. 399 p. €35,00. ISBN 9782869582996.

Brodersen, Kai (ed., trans.). Ailianos. Tierleben. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. 860 p. €79,95. ISBN 9783110609325.

Brügger, Claude. Homer's Iliad, the Basel commentary: Book XVI. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. xii, 428 p. ISBN 9783110554151.

Burden-Strevens, Christopher and Mads Lindholmer (ed.). Cassius Dio's forgotten history of early Rome: the Roman history, Books 1-21. Historiography of Rome and its empire, 3. Leiden: Brill, 2018. xiv, 338 p. €121,00. ISBN 9789004384378.

Butler, Shane and Sarah Nooter (ed.). Sound and the ancient senses. The senses in antiquity. London; New York: Routledge, 2018. x, 290 p. $32.95 (pb). ISBN 9781138481664.

Cannizzaro, Francesco, Stefano Fanucchi, Francescno Morosi and Leyla Ozbek (ed.). Sofocle per il Teatro vol. II: Edipo Re e Aiace. Tradotti per la scena. Pisa: Edizioni Della Normale, 2018. 137 p. €10,00 (pb). ISBN 9788876426469.

Ceccarelli, Paola, Lutz Doering and Thorsten Fögen (ed.). Letters and communities: studies in the socio-political dimensions of ancient epistolography. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. viii, 373 p. $105.00. ISBN 9780198804208.

Chaniotis, Angelos (ed.). Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum. Volume LXIII (2013). Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum 63. Leiden: Brill, 2017. 852 p. €189,00. ISBN 9789004362796.

Collard, Christopher. Colloquial expressions in Greek tragedy: revised and enlarged edition of P. T. Steven's Colloquial expressions in Euripides. Hermes. Einzelschriften, 113. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2018. 255 p. €49,00 (pb). ISBN 9783515120555.

Colombi, Camilla. La necropoli di Vetulonia nel periodo orientalizzante. Italiká, 5. Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2018. 406 p., [124 p. of plates]. €168,00. ISBN 9783954902675.

Cook, John Granger. Empty tomb, resurrection, apotheosis. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 410. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2018. xvi, 717 p. €164,00. ISBN 9783161565038.

Cox, Fiona. Ovid's presence in contemporary women's writing: strange monsters. Classical presences. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. ix, 251 p. $74.00. ISBN 9780198779889.

Curtius, Quintus (trans., comm.). Sallust. The conspiracy of Catiline and The war with Jugurtha. Charleston, SC: Fortress of the Mind Publications, 2017. lxxxviii, 238 p. ISBN 9781546684305.

Dally, Ortwin, Johanna Fabricius and Henner von Hesberg (ed.). Bilder und Räume. Antike Sarkophage im Kontext. Inter - nationale Tagung, 11.-12. August 2011 in der Abteilung Rom des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts. Sarkophag Studien, 10. Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2018. 204 p. €69,00. ISBN 9783954903153.

Damon, Cynthia and Christoph Pieper (ed.). Eris vs. Aemulatio: valuing competition in classical antiquity. Mnemosyne supplements, Monographs on Greek and Latin language and literature, 423. Leiden: Brill, 2018. ix, 374 p. €116,00. ISBN 9789004383968.

Dietrich, Nikolaus. Das Attribut als Problem: eine bildwissenschaftliche Untersuchung zur griechischen Kunst. Image & context, volume 17. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. xiii, 384 p. €99,95. ISBN 9783110491005.

Donker van Heel, Koenraad, Francisca A. J. Hoogendijk and Cary J. Martin (ed.). Hieratic, Demotic and Greek studies and text editions: of making many books there is no end: Festschrift in honour of Sven P. Vleeming (P.L.Bat.34). Papyrologica Lugduno-Batava, 34. Leiden: Brill, 2018. xxiii, 346 p., 50 p. of plates. €199,00. ISBN 9789004345713.

Ebbinghaus, Susanne (ed.). Animal-shaped vessels from the ancient world: feasting with gods, heroes, and kings. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Art Museums, 2018. 402 p. $55.00. ISBN 9780300237030.

Ekroth, Gunnel and Ingela Nilsson (ed.). Round trip to Hades in the Eastern Mediterranean tradition: visits to the underworld from antiquity to Byzantium. Cultural interactions in the Mediterranean, 2. Leiden: Brill, 2018. xvii, 397 p. €137,00. ISBN 9789004375963.

Erdkamp, Paul and Claire Holleran (ed.). The Routledge handbook of diet and nutrition in the Roman world. London; New York: Routledge, 2019. xvii, 362 p. $220.00. ISBN 9780815364344.

Étienne, Roland. Le Sancuaire d'Apollon à Délos. Tome 1: architecture, topographie, histoire. Athens: École Française d'Athènes, 2018. 494 p. €110,00. ISBN 9782869583047.

Formisano, Marco and Christina Shuttleworth Kraus (ed.). Marginality, canonicity, passion. Classical presences. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xviii, 364 p. $125.00. ISBN 9780198818489.

Frangoulidis, Stavros A. and S. J. Harrison (ed.). Life, love and death in Latin poetry: studies in honor of Theodore D. Papanghelis. Trends in classics. Supplementary volumes, 61. Berlin; Boston: De Grutyer, 2018. xvi, 329 p. €119,95. ISBN 9783110587760.

Franks, Hallie M. The world underfoot: mosaics and metaphor in the Greek symposium. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xii, 220 p. $85.00. ISBN 9780190863166.

Gagliardi, Lorenzo. Studi sulla legittimazione alla querela inofficiosi testamenti in diritto romano e bizantino. Pubblicazioni del Dipartimento di diritto privato e storia del diritto. Sezione di diritto romano e diritti dell'antichità, 54. Milano: Giuffrè, 2017. xi, 247 p. €25,00 (pb). ISBN 9788814221941.

Gasparini, Valentino and Richard Veymiers (ed.). Individuals and materials in the Greco-Roman cults of Isis: agents, images, and practices, (2 vols.). Religions in the Graeco-Roman world, 187. 2018. €292,00. ISBN 9789004377837.

Giuman, Marco. Fedra: iconografia del tormento amoroso al femminile. Archaeologica, 175. Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, 2016. 173, xxviii p. $77.31 (pb). ISBN 9788876892967.

Gray, Patrick. Shakespeare and the fall of the Roman Republic: selfhood, stoicism and civil war. Edinburgh critical studies in Shakespeare and philosophy. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018. xii, 308 p. £80.00. ISBN 9781474427456.

Gruben, Gottfried and Klaus Müller. Das Dipylon. Kerameikos 22. Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2018. 284 p. €110,00. ISBN 9783954903061.

Guédon, Stéphanie. La frontière romaine de l'Africa sous le Haut-Empire. Bibliothèque de la Casa de Velázquez, 74. Madrid: Casa de Velázquez, 2018. xvi, 390 p. €36,00 (pb). ISBN 9788490962046.

Günther, Hans-Christian (ed.). A short companion to Tibullus and the Corpus Tibullianum. Studia Classica et Mediaevalia, 22. Nordhausen: Traugott Bautz, 2018. 172 p. ISBN 9783959483773.

Günther, Hans Christian. Der Dichter Tibull mit Text und Übersetzung seines Werks. Studia classica et mediaevalia, 18. Ellernstraße: Verlag Traugott Bautz, 2018. 275 p. €40,00. ISBN 9783959482905.

Hansen, Mogens Herman. Aspects of the Athenian democracy in the fourth century B.C.: reflections on Caludia Tiersch (ed.) Die Athenische Demokratie im 4. Jahrhundert. Zwischen Modernisierung und Tradition (Stuttgart 2016). Scientia Danica. Series H, Humanistica, 8.17. Copenhagen: The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, 2018. 109 p. 100,00 DKK. ISBN 9788773044186.

Hasitzka, Monika R. M. (ed.). Koptische dokumentarische Texte aus der Papyrussammlung der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek. Corpus Papyrorum Raineri, XXXIV. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. viii, 262 p., 76 p. of plates. €129,95. ISBN 9783110580693.

Hofmann, Dagmar. Griechische Weltgeschichte auf Latein: Iustins "Epitoma historiarum Pompei Trogi" und die Geschichtskonzeption des Pompeius Trogus. Hermes. Einzelschriften, Band 114. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2018. 456 p. €69,00 (pb). ISBN 9783515121439.

Högemann, Peter and Norbert Oettinger. Lydien: ein altanatolischer Staat zwischen Griechenland und dem Vorderen Orient. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. x, 510 p. €99,95. ISBN 9783110439663.

Hunter, R. L. and Casper Constantijn de Jonge (ed.). Dionysius of Halicarnassus and Augustan Rome: rhetoric, criticism and historiography. Greek culture in the Roman world. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2019. ix, 300 p. $105.00. ISBN 9781108474900.

Intrieri, Maria and Giovanna De Sensi Sestito (ed.). Koinonia: studi di storia antica offerti a Giovanna De Sensi Sestito. Historica, 11. Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, 2018. xix, 771 p. $57.02 (pb). ISBN 9788876893049.

Ivleva, Tat jana, Jasper de Bruin and Mark Driessen (ed.). Embracing the provinces: society and material culture of the Roman frontier regions: essays in honour of Dr Carol van Driel-Murray. Oxford; Philadelphia: Oxbow Books, 2018. xi, 202 p. $75.00. ISBN 9781789250152.

Jas, Mareike. Nicolaus Rheginus als Übersetzer der pseudo-galenischen Schrift De historia philosopha: ein Beitrag zur lateinischen Überlieferung des Corpus Galenicum. Serta graeca, 34. Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag, 2018. 496 p., [9 p. of plates]. €118,00. ISBN 9783954901951.

Kalbarczyk, Alexander. Predication and ontology: studies and texts on Avicennian and post-Avicennian readings of Aristotle's Categories. Scientia Graeco- Arabica, 22. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. xi, 344 p. €139,95. ISBN 9783110584738.

Kapparis, Konstantinos A. Athenian law and society. London; New York: Routledge, 2018. 358 p. $165.00. ISBN 9781472449184.

Keyser, Paul T. and John Scarborough (ed.). The Oxford handbook of science and medicine in the classical world. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xv, 1045 p. $175.00. ISBN 9780199734146.

King, Daniel (ed.). The Syriac world. Routledge worlds. London; New York: Routledge, 2018. 842 p. $176.00. ISBN 9781138899018.

Kurzmann-Penz, Isolde. Zur literarischen Fiktion von Kindheit: Überlegungen zu den apokryphen Kindheitsevangelien Jesu im Rahmen der antiken Biographie. Potsdamer altertumswissenschaftliche Beiträge, 66. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2018. 232 p. €46,00 (pb). ISBN 9783515121521.

Leidwanger, Justin and Carl Knappett (ed.). Maritime networks in the ancient Mediterranean world. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2018. xiii, 261 p. $105.00. ISBN 9781108429948.

Lewis, David M. Greek slave systems in their Eastern Mediterranean context, c.800-146 BC. Oxford; New York: Oxford University press, 2018. xii, 372 p. $98.99. ISBN 9780198769941.

Lichtenberger, Achim and Rubina Raja (ed.). Archaeology and history of Jerash: 110 years of excavations. Jerash papers, 1. Turnhout: Brepols, 2018. xx, 277 p. €130,00 (pb). ISBN 9782503578200.

Lienemann, Béatrice. Aristoteles' Konzeption der Zurechnung. Quellen und Studien zur Philosophie 135. Berlin; Boston: Walter de Gruyter & Co., 2018. 584 p. €129,95. ISBN 9783110516753.

Lohmann, Polly (ed.). Historische Graffiti als Quellen Methoden und Perspektiven eines jungen Forschungsbereichs. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2018. 330 p. €58,00 (pb). ISBN 9783515122047.

Loney, Alexander C. and Stephen Scully (ed.). The Oxford handbook of Hesiod. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xviii, 529 p. $150.00. ISBN 9780190209032.

Loon, H. van, Giselle de Nie, Michiel Op de Coul and Peter van Egmond (ed.). Prayer and the transformation of the self in early Christian mystagogy. Late Antique History and Religion (LAHR), 18. Leuven: Peeters, 2018. 482 p. €105,00. ISBN 9789042936119.

Louden, Bruce. Greek myth and the Bible. Routledge monographs in classical studies. London; New York: Routledge, 2018. viii, 241 p. $140.00. ISBN 9781138328587.

Manuwald, Gesine. Reviving Cicero in drama: from the ancient world to the modern stage. Library of classical studies. London; New York: I.B. Tauris, 2018. ix, 308 p. £85.00. ISBN 9781788312967.

Marzoli, Dirce and Elisabet García Teyssandier (ed.). Die phönizische Nekropole von Ayamonte: die Ausgrabung im Jahre 2013 und ihre Vor- und Begleituntersuchungen. Madrider Beiträge, 37. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2018. xv, 453 p. €128,00. ISBN 9783447109932.

Maso, Stefano. Dissoi logoi. Studi di storia della filosofia antica, 7. Roma: Edizioni di storia e letteratura, 2018. 152 p. €24,00 (pb). ISBN 9788893592253.

Masturzo, Nicolò. Il tempio distilo d'età ecatomnide e l'architettura ionica. Iasos, 1. Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, 2016. xv, 158 p., xlviii p. of plates. $77.31 (pb). ISBN 9788876892974.

Mayor, Adrienne. Gods and robots: myths, machines, and ancient dreams of technology. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2018. 304 p. $29.95. ISBN 9780691183510.

Meisner, Dwayne A. Orphic traditions and the birth of the gods. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. 318 p. $85.00. ISBN 9780190663520.

Mercogliano, Felice. Hostes novi cives: diritti degli stranieri immigrati in Roma antica. Diaphora 18. Napoli: Jovene, 2017. viii, 120 p. €12,00 (pb). ISBN 9788824324731.

Metse-Anagnostu, Maria. O spartiatikos oikos: to themelio tu koinonikopolitiku systematos tes Spartes. Athens: Institouto tou Bibliou - Kardamitsa, 2018. 361 p. €22,00 (pb). ISBN 9789603544685.

Miller, David and Peter Sarris (ed., trans.). The novels of Justinian: a complete annotated English translation, (2 vols.). Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2018. 1192 p. £185.00. ISBN 9781108483209.

Morandini, Flavia. Iconografia del leone in Etruria: tra la fine dell'età arcaica e l'età ellenistica. Biblioteca di "Studi etruschi", 61. Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, 2018. xxi, 495 p., cviii p. of plates. $91.81 (pb). ISBN 9788876893063.

Murray, Oswyn, Vanessa Cazzato and Michael Gabriel (ed.). The symposion: drinking Greek style: essays on Greek pleasure, 1983-2017. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xii, 457 p., [12 p. of plates]. $124.95. ISBN 9780198814627.

Noga-Banai, Galit. Sacred stimulus: Jerusalem in the visual Christianization of Rome. Oxford studies in late antiquity. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xix, 200 p., [36 p. of plates]. $85.00. ISBN 9780190874650.

Omissi, Adrastos. Emperors and Usurpers in the later Roman Empire: civil war, panegyric, and the construction of legitimacy. Oxford studies in Byzantium. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xvii, 348 p. $105.00. ISBN 9780198824824.

Panou, Nikos and Hester Schadee (ed.). Evil lords: theories and representations of tyranny from antiquity to the Renaissance. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2018. xii, 245 p. $74.00. ISBN 9780199394852.

Panzram, Sabine and Laurent Callegarin (ed.). Entre civitas y madina: el mundo de las ciudades en la Península Ibérica y en el Norte de África (siglos IV-IX). Collection de la Casa de Velázquez, volume 167. Madrid: Casa de Velázquez, 2018. xvi, 394 p. €49,00 (pb). ISBN 9788490962169.

Paolucci, Giulio. Canopi etruschi: tombe con ossuari antropomorfi dalla necropoli di Tolle (Chianciano Terme), (2 vols.). Monumenti etruschi, 13. Roma: Giorgio Bretschneider Editore, 2015. 411 p., 311 figs., cclxxxix p. of plates. €275,50 (pb). ISBN 9788876892844.

Paşcalău, Gheorghe. Die "unartikulierbaren Begriffe" des Neuplatonikers Damaskios: Transzendenz und All-Einheit in den Aporien und Lösungen bezüglich der ersten Prinzipien. Beiträge zur Altertumskunde, 372. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, 2018. xiii, 318 p. €99,95. ISBN 9783110580198.

Paschalidis, Constantinos. The Mycenaean cemetery at Achaia Clauss near Patras: the people, their material remains and culture in context. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2018. xxiv, 510 p., 277 p. of plates. £90.00. ISBN 9781784919191.

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